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Too late in the day

One of the first songs written with Andrew Wale for the song cycle “Songs for Sleepless Nights“.

Making love in the daylight

A great lyric by Andrew Wale. From “Songs for Sleepless Nights”.

sugar’s daddy

’60s inspired electronica, with a suggestive nonsense text by Andrew Wale

Angels we have heard on high

A re-working of my favorite traditional Christmas Carol, produced for the CD, “Christmas Stories (2004)”.

Film Noir

Written with Andrew Wale after an idea from Betty Vermeulen. Singing, the gorgeous and talented La Vermeulen, accompianed by the fantastic Marian Lux.


Building Song

This orchestral piece is a movement from a Suite inspired by video game music.

Par for the Parcours

Part of a larger work for String Orchestra and pre-recorded beats.


Written for the David Strassman Show Live!

Bang it!

World fusion. In performance the pre-recorded elements were complemented with live percussion elements.


Perpetuem: Impatience

Piano Prelude using polyrhythmic and 12-tone elements.

Prelude: Sleep

Piano Prelude inspired by a text of Jean Cocteau.